Newsletter SHTG June 2012

What a great season we have just finished. The talk on the street is everyone
Thoroughly enjoyed the show and it lived up to our normal standard, so well done
And congratulations to all concerned, from the cast, backstage, props, lighting,
Sound, music and front of house. It takes everyone to make a wonderful show, so congratulations to all who were involved.
It’s time for Auditions again…….
The first is the Children’s Musical
To be staged September 13th -16th to be directed by
Feather Fellows and Rebecca Romeo.
Primary School Children from Grades 3 to 6 are invited to audition on
TUESDAY JUNE 26 at 4.30pm at the Memorial Theatre,
McCrae St, Swan Hill for more information
Contact Dale Smith 0429376765

When it comes to being busy we certainly are………
Andrew Kelly has written a musical comedy with Paul Morris
To be staged in October/November 2012, to be produced and directed
By Andrew Kelly
Singing and Non Singing Roles available
Adults and students 16 and over are invited to the
Memorial Theatre, McCrae Street Swan Hill
Wednesday July 25th at 7.00pm
For more information call Andrew on 0427332633
Or email him on

Life Membership
Following on from Oliver on Sunday we had a lovely afternoon tea to celebrate a new Life Membership for a very deserving man, Ron Field. The Theatre Group has indeed been fortunate that Ron, with years of experience in professional theatre, came to Swan Hill (in retirement) and has been responsible for 31 productions over 20 years. Ron is a very talented man when it comes to directing, painting, producing and designing, in fact all aspects of the theatre. Ron is a very deserving recipient of this prestigious award. He is pictured here with his award.

How would you like to give directing a show a go?
Have you ever fancied yourself as a director of a production? A musical or something else, maybe a pantomime? Would you like to give it a go next year?
We are looking for someone to direct a show next year. If you would like to have a go please have a chat to a board member and they will point you in the right direction, If you would like to read some scripts, or help to make a choice please don’t be afraid to contact a member.
Last newsletter we mentioned that we will be having a reunion in March next year. We would like to get a mailing list started. So can we please ask you all to go to our website and fill in a contact us form. If you have contact with people who have moved away from Swan Hill but you think would be interested in attending our reunion can you please contact them and ask them to fill in a contact us form on our website. We are aiming at making this an event that everyone will remember for a long time. As the old saying goes "the more the merrier." So please help us to make this a very memorable occasion.

New Website
We are in the midst of getting our new website up and running stay tuned for more details. Keep checking facebook for updates.