About Us

Swan Hill Theatre came into being in 1945 - founded by Marjorie Mcleod B.E.M. in conjunction with the then Mayor Duncan Douglas.
Shakespeare Festivals held for 30 years were supported by schools, community organizations and businesses and brought many visitors to Swan Hill.
Over the years many talented people continued to foster the performing arts giving young students an opportunity to experience live theatre.

In January 1981 Swan Hill Theatre Group Co-operative Ltd. was registered as a Community Advancement Society acquiring by its own efforts the Memorial Hall as its permanent home.
The Theatre Group has indeed been fortunate that Ron Field with years of experience in professional theatre, came to Swan Hill (in retirement) and has been responsible for 31 productions over 20 years.

The annual Musical has involved scores of aspiring actors supported by dedicated musicians- always with the aim of encouraging the youth of Swan Hill and district to take part.

The Board have been busy organising lots of things, if you have a look at the before and after photos you will see the amazing transformation of our historic building. There is still lots more to go but we are definetly on the way to make our beautiful old girl shine in all her glory.

We don't hand life memberships out to just any one, we have a dedicated team who put in tireless hours of behind the scenes work. In recent years we have handed out two such awards. Prior to these to current awards for the Swan Hill Theatre group we handed a life membership also to Geoffrey and Valerie Briggs.
Elaine Murphy received her life membership award in December 2010 before leaving us and moving to Gisborne where she is now involved with the Macedon Ranges Theatre Company. Elaine spent endless hours both on and off the stage. Most of Elaines time has been spent in the musical pit as Musical Director and Vocal coach. She was also a very active member of the Board of Directors for some years and also took on the roll of Treasurer. (Pictured below)
Ron Field received his Life Membership in June 2012. Ron retired to Swan Hill and started with the Swan Hill Theatre Group to help us grow in more ways than one. Ron is a very talented man with extraordinary painting skills, he is also very talented in bringing a stage to life. His backdrops are some of the best you will ever see. He has a way of making them come to life. He is the only man that we have ever come across that can make a sugar bowl into a chandelier and a piece of hose and a plastic pipe into a marble pillar. (Pictured Below)
David Quayle was our next worthy recipient in March 2013. David was presented with his Life Membership at our Reunion. David has been an active Board member for many years and is still currently on the board today. He has been a great asset to the theatre over the years both on stage and behind the scenes.
2017 we welcomed another member to our growing list of Life Members, this time it was Phyl Braybrok. Phyl is a wonderful seamstress and we would be lost with out her. She spends many many hours both at the hall and at home in front of her sewing machine. She is a stickler for everything to be perfect. Our costumes are some of the finest you will find anywhere.
Some more life members were awarded when we were the Swan Hill National Theatre, the worthy recipients were
Mr & Mrs John Woodruff
Mr Norman Dowling
Mrs Mary Mannix
Mrs Ruth Swinton
Mr William (Bill) Norton
Mrs Margaret Richards (Peg)
Dr & Mrs Geoff & Val Briggs
Mrs Betty Jenvey
Mrs Dot Norton
Mrs Elaine Murphy
Mr Ron Field
Mr David Quayle
Mrs Phyllis Braybrook

Student Awards was a way of helping and encourageing our youth, to excel at the performing arts. Each year the award is handed out to a student who has been involved with the Swan Hill Theatre Group for at least 3 years. This does not have to be only on stage. It also take into account of how the student presents them self both on and off the stage, back stage, working bees anything at all to do with the theatre. Our Student Recipients are listed below
2006 Miriam Williams
2007 Michael Lister
2008 Tammy Shields
2009 Emily Smith
2010 Brayden Rose
2011 Rebecca Romeo.
2012 Ashleigh Smith
2013 Feather Fellows
2014 Tess McKay
2015 Claudia O'Halloran-Farrow
2016 Christine Romeo

Our Beautiful Old Girl "The Swan Hill Memorial Theatre"
Elaine Murphy Life Member 2010
Ron Field Life Member 2012
Brayden Rose 2010 Student Awardee
Rebecca Romeo 2011 Student Awardee
Tess McKay 2014 Student Awardee